KPL has two divisions, Bunker & Lubricants Division & Trading Division:

KPL is actively engaged in the ship bunkering industry and is a physical bunker supplier as well as Barge Operator. We trade in diversified petroleum products.

We trade In:

Metals/ Scrap, Minerals and Ores, such as Talc / Soap stone, Bauxite, Gypsum, Iron Ore, Lime Stone, Rock Salt and various other minerals and Ores.

Khalil (Private) Limited, KPL is involved in business sectors as diverse as:

  • Physical Bunker Supplies/ Barge Operator
  • Fuel oil Import/ Import/ Marketing/ Distribution/ Franchising/ Trading
  • Petroleum Products Sourcing/ Import/ Marketing/ Distribution/ Trading
  • Oil & Gas Industry/ Petroleum Sector
  • Engineering, Manufacturing, Boat Building, Steel Construction
  • Edible oil Import/ Branding/ Marketing/ Distribution/ Franchising/ Trading
  • Commodities Sourcing/ Marketing/ Distribution/ Trading
  • Metals/ Scrap Sourcing/ Marketing/ Distribution/ Trading
  • We trade in second-hand / re-conditioned machinery & equipment
  • International Trading & Development, Sourcing
  • We trade in Rice, Talc/ Soapstone, Bauxite, Gypsum, Iron Ore, Lime stone, Rock Salt