At KHALIL we know that our highly-skilled & extremely dedicated employees / staff members make the difference.

Working with us means you will always have interesting challenges and opportunities. Our employees are highly skilled and committed & enjoy working to ensure success in everything that they do, to stay market leaders in their respective fields.

Being part of KHALIL means believing and working dedicatedly for continuous improvement. We believe that people form the cornerstone of our success.

Currently there are some challenging job opportunities available.. Working at KPL enables one to learn the unique and highly specialized business of oil and marine fuel supply chain operations, as well as trading in different commodities / machinery etc. KPL employees are exposed to an array of activities such as trading, terminal and storage operations, shipping, barging, finance and risk management which provide platforms for learning and competency development. Managers and key talents are often transferred from one KPL division to another, to broaden their horizons and give them exposure to other departments of the company.