About Us

Choudry Mohammad Yusoof, Chairman of the Khalil Group founded the company and named it after his father, Choudry Mohammad Khalil. The company was incorporated in 1969, as a Private Limited Company, and registered with the Registrar, Joint Stock Companies, Karachi, Pakistan.

As a responsible corporate citizen, the KHALIL GROUP started importing the Premium Malaysian Brand of Century Palm Olein Premium Cooking Oil in Pakistan in the year 2014. The oil is processed and packed in Jerry Cans and Tin packing at the state-of-the-art Malaysian Refinery and shipped directly to Pakistan. This is done to provide Century Palm Olein Premium Cooking Oil to our customers in Pakistan, without any re-packing at any stage what so ever, to combat the problem of bad-quality, unhealthy, adulterated oil, currently being faced in Pakistan. Our customers can have peace of mind when buying and using Century Palm Olein Premium Cooking Oil, that they are getting 100% healthy Pure Imported Malaysian Oil, enriched with Natural Vitamins and Free of Cholesterol & Trans-Fatty Acid (TFA).

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Physical Bunker Supplies and Trading
  • Petroleum Products Sourcing/ Marketing/ Distribution/ Trading
  • Commodities Sourcing/ Marketing/ Distribution/ Trading
  • Minerals and Ores Sourcing/ Marketing/ Distribution/ Trading
  • Edible Oil Import/ Branding/ Marketing/ Distribution/ Franchising/ Trading

Choudry Mohammad Yusoof, Chairman of the Khalil Group’s vision and philosophy of continuous improvement and respect for people has guided the group and is the foundation stone of our success. He heads the KHALIL Group. Through his dedicated hard work, the company has grown consistently over the years into a successful Group & expanded successfully into various fields / industries having diversified interests. Always forward-looking, the KHALIL Group has prepared for the future by constantly expanding its portfolio of services. He currently resides and operates out of Karachi, Pakistan.

Mohammad Adnan Choudry, Managing Director, is responsible for the overall management / operations, business development and expansion (local and international) of the KHALIL Group. As the son of the founder, he began his apprenticeship in KMEW in 1985 along with his college studies and has since been associated and running various companies of the Group for the last 27 years. He holds the distinction of being Pakistan’s youngest Olympian, representing Pakistan in the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, USA, in yachting in the Soling Class. He currently resides and operates out of Karachi, Pakistan.

Who are we?

As a company, it’s our goal to fulfill our customers’ requirements in a way that leaves them completely satisfied with our capabilities and happy with our service and efforts.
The process of continuous learning and improving is always ongoing. We believe that traditional person-to-person contact is vital and essential. A strong and enduring business relationship is built on trust, confidence and good service.
Our future depends on how well we take care of our environment. We strive for the highest standards in all that we do. Our aim is to prevent damage to our environment.
Flexible and professional, we pride ourselves on being able to offer customers fast, efficient and reliable service, and while at the same time maintaining a strict policy on quality control.

Board Of Directors

Choudry Mohammad Yusoof
Choudry Mohammad YusoofChairman
Mohammad Adnan Choudry
Mohammad Adnan ChoudryManaging Director